Ekow Alabi launches his album @ Next Door

If you’ve never heard about Sunlife Music, you should listen to Ekow Alabi Savage’s new album.

Savage is a not a stage name; it’s his family name from a couple of generations away. He took up the name Savage because he believes it reflects his “wild personality [in music]”.

But he says “I am an easy loving person and love all; whether you are Hearts or Kotoko, NDC or NPP; White man or Black Woman, we should learn to love each other.”

Ekow is one of my Ghanaian musicians who have made a bigger name in Europe than they have in Ghana. Born in Takoradi some 50 years ago, raised in Abossey Okai, Kaneshie and Mataheko, but currently based in Berlin, Germany he started off with music very early contrary to his mother and grandmother’s caution against taking that route.

He went through with his passion for drumming and soon became a drum roadie with pat Thomas and D Sweet Beans before he was employed as a percussion player.

“I am a gifted musician by birth but my mum and grand mum didn’t like the idea of me doing music so I had to run from school to go and play music but now it’s a bit easier because musicians have the respect; and great properties and so on.”

And for more than three decades, he had kept it up. At 50 he manages to look 30. “I guess it’s the stress, the running around, not sleeping well, marrying and divorcing, just living life to the fullest.”

He’s toured Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Poland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland and Jamaica.

Ekow already has one album Return to Zion (Gye Nyame) to his credit. He’s hoping that his latest release, Going for Gold, an 11-track album that has a representation of various music forms; socca, calypso, hiplife and his ingenious Sunlife will be more successful that the first.

The album “Going for Gold, was launched at Next Door last week and was almost a wash down. The rains kicked in just before he could set the album out, but with the Support of Ebo Taylor and Gyedu Blay Ambulley, Going for Gold has started its ascent unto the Ghanaian market.

Savage has no doubt that his music will catch on well with people.

Besides promoting his new album, which is tied into this year’s Jubilee Celebrations, Ekow is here to take is easy, relax and chill. Looking into the crystal ball, he sees a future of him coming home to settle and helping out the younger musicians.

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