Big Brother Africa: Sammi, Uti & Hannington Up For Eviction

M-Net’s Big Brother All Stars is into its second week and, in stark contrast to last week, the housemates were very clear about who they wanted to see up for eviction this time around.

Once all the nominations were in, it was Sammi, Uti and Tatiana who found themselves up for eviction. Tatiana, as head of house, had the opportunity to swap herself out with another housemate – which she promptly did, putting Hannington up in her place.

Munya nominated Uti and Sammi – but had thoroughly bizarre reasons! He said that he nominated Sammi because “he lives very far from Zimbabwe where I’m from.” Big Brother asked him to clarify his reason, but he stuck to his guns. Big Brother then questioned his reason for nominating Uti, but Munya gave the same reason and left the Diary Room quickly.

Jennifer’s nominations were along the lines of breaking up the clique who she feels will nominate her for eviction sooner rather than later. She told Big Brother that she had noticed that “the gang” from season 2 – namely Meryl and Lerato – were still very close, a fact which made her uneasy. Jennifer declared that that was the reason behind her nomination for the two ladies – saying she had nothing personal against them and conceding that her decision was based on playing the game.

Hannington and Yacob both nominated Tatiana, because as Head of House, she has the power to save herself from eviction. Yacob’s second nomination was Paloma, because of her strong character. He added that there were “no hard feelings” but he just had to nominate her.

Hannington’s second nomination was Sammi, because he felt that the Ghanaian was “always annoyed without any reason”, so perhaps it was time for him to go. While Uti struggled to choose housemates to nominate last week, he wasted no time this week in naming Paloma and Sammi as his nominees for eviction. He said that Paloma because “she’s cool and all but, she’s taking the game way too seriously”. He also gave the same reason as his rationale for nominating Sammi.

Code nominated Lerato because she had a tendency to provoke people and he doesn’t like that; and Sheila because “she may be nice” but he hasn’t clicked with her. Sleepy Meryl nominated Sammi because he was the one person that she had not clicked with and felt that he just does not fit in. She then nominated Yacob because she feels he is a “party pooper” and has a tendency to make things fall apart.

Sheila nominated Sammi because she had heard someone in the house say that he did not feel like he fitted in, so she felt she was just making things easy for him. She then nominated Mwisho, simply because she said she had nobody else in mind.

Paloma nominated Mwisho and Lerato because she felt that they are strong contenders, while Head of House Tatiana felt strongly about nominating Hannington, telling Big Brother that she thinks he is childish and he “destroyed everything” for them during the arena games on Friday. She then went a step further, telling Big Brother that she doesn’t trust Hannington because “there is something about his eyes that makes it difficult for one to know what he may be up to”. Tatiana also nominated Uti, which she found a difficult thing to do, but she did not like how he had badmouthed her Big Brother 2 housemates, Richard and Ofunneka the previous night.

Lerato, taking her turn in the Diary Room for nominations, told Big Brother that Sammi and Tatiana had to go. She felt that Sammi wasn’t getting on with everyone in the house, which she thought perhaps had something to do with him being a fair amount older than his housemates. Her second nomination went to Tatiana, because she could save herself. Mwisho nominated Uti and Hannington, who he feels are playing the game as a team. He said both of them are strong as individuals but are even stronger as a team. He feels that they are “backing each other up”, which makes them a threat.

Kaone chose the house’s “dancing queens”, Tatiana and Meryl. He said that Tatiana was his friend and his nomination was based on the fact that she could save herself. He then named Meryl, his “neighbour” – because Botswana and Namibia are close to each other. He said that despite that, “she can’t see me, I’m invisible to her” and that he felt she was inconsiderate.

Sammi’s first nomination went to Hannington, who he said is “immature” and has no regard for other people’s feelings. Sammi told Big Brother that Hannington is lazy and doesn’t help out with anything in the house. Uti was next on Sammi’s list. He felt that Uti needed to start respecting everyone and never tried to help anyone around the house.