Gospel Musician Suffer Food Poisoning

“Chai!! If somebody tells me Oga Jesus no dey play me wayo na lie lie” is one of his lines in a gospel song. Listen to a Nigerian accent on any gospel song in Ghana or in any Ghanaian movie sound track and it will be no other person's voice than the ubiquitous Adu Patrick, a Kumasi based gospel musician.

A report on our desktop has it that, the Kumasi based gospel musician Adu Patrick nearly died from a supposed food poison a week ago. According to the report, he featured on an album of a colleague gospel musician by name Alolome who is also a Kumasi based gospel artiste and as a result of that, he was asked to shoot the video of the said track.

In our quest to fish out the truth for the benefit of our ardent readers, Flex newspaper met Adu Patrick to confirm the story under the roof of Mr. Biggs Circle branch and he had this to say. “That's right though. But let's give thanks to God who has promised us we will walk on serpents, snakes or even eat poisonous food but will not die.

It happened on June 30th of 2010 when I was supposed to shoot a music video with a friend musician Alolome. So that very morning, we went to a nearby restaurant at Asafo labor roundabout and in the afternoon around 4pm where Alolome's wife came to serve us with some jollof rice. I asked my friend to bring me mine but what surprised me was that, all the jollof rice were served in a white take away bowls with the exception of mine which was in a blue bowl and a Fanta lemon which I ate” Adu Patrick narrated.

“Later in the night, I began to feel some stomach ache but I thought it was just a normal one but it continued into the night until i realized that it was getting out of hand. So I was quickly rushed to a nearby Pharmacy for a medical treatment. After I was given all the necessary medical care, I vomited everything. In fact, you should have been there to witness it yourself” he added.

When Flex newspaper asked him who he thinks can be behind such a deadly plot and why the person would do that, Adu Patrick had this to say. “A gospel musician once told me, I am a stumbling block on their path and just recently, I visited a man of God by name Rev. Eric Effah of Blazing Fire Ministry at Atonsu S. Line and he told me to be very careful of colleague musicians I go out with.

He added I should avoid eating with them irrespective of our friendship or closeness. But from some observations, I believed the plot might have come from those who gave me the jollof rice” Adu Patrick suspected. All effort to call Alolome to respond to the allegation proved futile. Adu Patrick who uses Yuroba, Igbo, broken or proper English and Twi to sing has two albums to his credit “Fakye” in 2006 and “Wose Ayeyi” .

Adu has featured on the album of most gospel musicians. He is also the maker of most movie sound tracks like “Ama Ghana, Aligantus, Ngozie, Akua Agege, Malam Issah , Sir Cosmos, Kwaku Sampson, Boga Beforo Trotro” and a hosts of others. Do you want to know whether Adu Patrick is a Ghanaian or a Nigerian? Grab your copy next week as Flex publishes all the details about him.