A-Plus Set To Marry Anita Owusu Of Metro TV?

When we talk about hip life musicians who have made great mark in the music industry, there is no way A-Plus can be deleted. The latest gossip on the streets is that A-Plus who is known in real life as Kwame Asare Obeng will soon be getting married to one of the countryís popular TV presenter, Anita Owusu who works for Metro TV.

In an interview with A-Plus, he told Flex newspaper that the fact that he tells people that he is not dating or is single does not mean he is really not dating. He continued that his girlfriend who he will be marrying very soon would not like him to disclose it to the public.

This is attributed to the fact that some media people can really destroy your marriage when you allow them. ďI am not rally ready to discuss my marriage issues with any press man but what I can only tell you is that I will be getting married soon and itís going to be perfect and secret.

I really love the lady and would not like the media to play the trick they played on Castro, Edem and some other musicians. I have really learnt from that so I know how to escape the Ghanaian media for a peaceful and secret marriage.

Although he did not disclose the name of the lady to Flex newspaper, we consulted Dada Halfo who is now on A-Plus record label called Consul Entertainment for other tit-bits. He told Flex in a phone interview that he knows A-Plus is dating Anita but he is not sure if itís a secret dating or not.

He added that he canít also tell if they will be getting married soon or not but would find out for us soon. He also shared some of the secret things A-Plus has decided to hide from the media because of the fear he has for them, saying A-Plus has just finished shooting a Nigerian movie whiles he will also be hosting a comedy show on TV soon.

Daddy Halfco also revealed that A-Plus is also getting ready to shoot his own movie after the experience he gained from shooting a Nigerian movie. Calling Anita of Metro TV to verify the fact from her, she noted that this is a private affair and he wants it to remain as such.