Nartey Sings Sankofa

Veteran musician Humphrey Adenu Nartey, whose songs have made a lot of
impact on the music scene, has announced that all is set for the
release of his new album titled, ‘Sankofa’.

With three musical albums to his credit, the talented highlife star will soon prove to music fans that he is a force to reckon with when it comes to true highlife music.

“I see myself as a successful musician with a very good track record.

I have worked tirelessly to release three musical albums and would soon make a mark on the music scene in Ghana.”

The new album, according Nartey, which consists of eight tracks on cassette and 12 on CD, would keep highlife music lovers on their feet dancing.

As to why he waited for such a long time before releasing this bouncy album, he responded that he was waiting for the right time to get global and “I believe the time is now”.

Some of the songs on the album include ‘Mi Daye Sum’, ‘Araba’, ‘Ofie Ne Fie’, and ‘Sambra Odo’ among others.

All the songs on the album are of good quality and have good danceable beats with superb backing vocals and good choruses.