Did Kwaw Kesse meet Bush?

The news that hiplife musician Kwaw Kesse also known as ‘King of the Streets’ had a 30-minute meeting with President Bush while he was visiting Ghana has turned out to be false.

Sources at the US Embassy who are furious about the misinformation have told myjoyonline that there was no such meeting between President Bush and the musician.

The purported meeting between the two at which the musician was said to have been chosen to be Ghana’s Youth Malaria Icon to support the fight against malaria in Ghana is a media spin with no substance, the sources said.

According to one of the sources, the picture showing US President George Bush and Kwaw Kesse does not reflect the true story of his presence in the company of the US President.

The sources told myjoyonline that, Kwaw Kesse was at the US Ambassador's residence while Preident Bush was visiting because he is married to an American citizen who works at the Embassy. The sources said spouses of all Embassy staff were invited to the occasion and President Bush took photographs with a number of people.

The sources also said President Bush spent just about 20 minutes at the residence of the Ambassador.

The news which has been widely published in local Ghanaian newspapers and on the internet has suddenly surged the image of Kwaw Kesse.

The story also said, Kwaw Kesse told the media that the US President has expressed his interest to help Ghanaian musicians by making sure they are well paid.

As part of the media hype, Kwaw Kesse was interviewed by Bola Ray on Joy FM’s Drive Time Show, where he reaffirmed the story of having met President Bush.

The US Embassy would soon come out with a statement about the false report, which officials say they are not pleased with.