Hi folks, time up again for the flight you all been waiting for this week on my space jumbo, WFET-105, which travels with the speed of sounds on this high frequency above sea level. If you are ready to ramble then sit back, fasten your seat belts, no smoking and switch off all electrical devices and get ready for the countdown, please gear up to meet the first “Lady of Song of Ghana”, Flt. Capt. DJ Amess is your pilot.

This week we have “another missing in action” artist to look for. You remember Princess Cynthia Ghana’s first lady of song. A well-educated pretty music diva was a household name during the 90s and she played for a couple of Ghanaian bands, notably the Marriott Band. The last time she was seen or heard in the music scene was during the Ghana Music Awards in 2005 at the International Conference Center, where her microphone terribly disappointed her.

Ever since that day she has not been seen in public and her whereabouts are not known. Cynthia was born in the port city of Takoradi and was educated at the Takoradi Polytechnic before she entered into music. Among some of her popular hits were: Akoma Edwo, You Are in Love and Asi Ano. Papa Driver in case you come across her alert us because we have missed her.

All he wanted was Ms. Right, at the right time and now he’s finally set one, a date, that is Kwabena Kwabena otherwise George Adu, has confirmed that he has finally found his God–given rib and they will tie the knot in a glumly ceremony on November 1#, a day in which he will officially release his second personal album. The ostentatious music icon, whose debut award-winning album Aso was a platinum hit told Weekly Fylla, bearing any last minutes hitches, he is sure to go to the altar for his better half.

“Out of respect for our family and us we want to give this a low profile and not any jolly–ride as everybody will expect of it” he revealed. The shy looking music gentleman who has been linked to a big record deal with a label yet to be named is set to explode with his latest album and marriage. This will be that first time Kwabena Kwabena is swapping vows and what do you expect to hear? But who is the lucky one? Do you want a clue? Stay tuned.

Kwabena-Kwabena’s second and latest album Dabi with 9-powerful packed songs in which he features Kofi B, Brothers is to be launched amidst pomp and pageantry to commemorate his holy matrimonial engagement, you know what I mean? Keep guessing…. and I bet you it is going to be big.

Folks, last week’s flight was not as palatable as we would have wish due to the death of two of our prominent members Lucky Dube and Fine Boy. The death has devastated and shocks all of us. The two were masters in their own right especially Lucky Dube who wanted to use the 2010 world cup to prove that the Blackman is capable of doing his own thing and to allow Reggae fans to enjoy the tournament as never before in the annals of the competition but as fate may have it, if all wishes were to be horses beggars…. adieu good friends of this flight. Weekly Fylla and for that matter WFET-105 crew join the rest of the world especially Ghanaians to bid you fare thee well till we meet again. Do well to extend our greetings to Terry Bonechaker, whose 4th anniversary is just around the corner….

Exactly four years ago a Hiplife mega star, who goes by the name Terry Bonechaka died in a fatal car accident after a performance at the University of Ghana, on the Legon-Accra road. Terry was the winner of Ghana’s Hiplife championship in 2001 and a former student of Adisadel College, a talented good product from the Santaclausian family who died on 31st October 2003.

As part of the celebration of Terry’s forth anniversary her mother Mrs. Charlotte Adjetey in collaboration of Terry’s old Manager/PRO Regan are releasing his posthumous 7-track album called AZAR GIRL in which he featured Jemima Annor Yeboah, Mr. Antwi and King Ayisoba. His mother is the executive producer. Watch out for the Xmas song from the grave.

Before his death he was on the verge of releasing 40 solid songs at a go. We shall continue to remember him especially what he stood for; equal right. Already King Ayisoba and Rasta have taken to his instead. He was one of the few Hiplifers who took the nation by storm will his fantastic dancing skills and you will be marveled at him when he is performing and all that is gone, ewie ye! Eye mobo!!

Rumors they say are born in people’s minds and consciences as a result it doesn’t last but dies away within a short period of time. But the damages that it will cause may take many years to repair or can be disastrous. Therefore rumors can be literally defined as unverified information that disperse untruthfulness about others that cannot be substantiated but accepted by ignorant mind and as a fact, truth and rare although unproven whiles their originality is unknown.

So when it was reported in one of the newspapers that Castro and one of his dancers Ras Kelly was wanted by the Police, it sparkled the rumors engrave as all interpretation was given to it. But Konkansa-Ba was not amazed by the stand taken by the writer of the original story for not doing her homework well before going to public.

Mary what? Ah the gods of my holy village should forgive her else, I would have summoned her to the great gods of Tangbedzie for chemical interrogation, hehehehehe. A simple journalism practice should have told her that she should look at the both sides of the coin before putting it into the public domain but this lady chose otherwise.

But what I want to ask is: didn’t the police see Castro and Kelly performing live on TV3 Music Music? Or if they didn’t what about the MTN Sports Academy reality show where he has gone to perform live? Who and who went to the so-called Dansoman house of the artists to look for them and leave message and to whom? Folks do you know the implication of this publication?
As you also know somebody or a friend or a relative of the decease may wake up one day to retaliate by killing innocent blood just because of somebody’s negligent? Whoever this so-called writer is must bow down her head in shame for bringing this noble profession into disrepute and disgrace. The case is with the police and let me halt here and give them the benefit of the doubt to continue their investigation.

He who lives in a glass house should not throw a stone-----so be it. Ah, I was surprise at this gentleman’s behavior towards his colleague musician. This world is a small place to live in and whatever goes round will definitely come around.

All along I thought Black Rasta was a conscious man but not, rather he continued to pass derogatory comments on the issue as if he has inside story about the whole episode. The best thing he could have done under this circumstance was to verify whether Castro and Ras Kelly were indeed wanted by the CID or have elope before commenting on the subject but not with the type of comment he passed last Thursday during his Taxi Driver show. My friend; as for this one you goofed or let me asked this; does he have personal scores to settle with Castro as a person?

The Entertainment Review program on Peace 104.3 Fm is one of the best in the capital and I congratulate the host Kwesi Aboagye and his able lieutenants for the good job they are doing. Indeed at least the entertainment industry too has found a mouthpiece. Perhaps this may be due to the quality of people that thronged the program.

I love the way they subject themselves to debate and the frankness but I must say Uncle Carlos’ stand on some issues and the way he is so passionate about issues concerning MUSIGA leave much to be desired. Last week for instance the way he treated Ambolley and the Alhaji Sidiku Buari’s issue was more of yaps and scrounging. No one single person can make MUSIGA a better organization than us.

I was happy he later said Alhaji should accept constructive criticism, I hope he will also take people’s criticism of him as a constructive. But Kwesi why did you allow my good friend Mark Okraku Mantey to hijack the program when the last minutes slip in? Kwesi be strong and bold but not necessarily beautiful.

Hey Arnold you are welcome aboard, I was happy for you when I saw that brilliant piece, keep it up. Gosh…. How time flies when you are in good company? We are about to land; safe journey to your various destinations, like I always say keep on smiling it will increase your face value, until then catch’ya next week.