Maame Dokono crowns Kwaw Kese

A Brief ceremony which brought together such two unique stars in our showbiz  industry Ace actress, presenter, politician and ‘children's mother’ Madam Grace Omaboe known everywhere in Ghana as "Maame Dokono" and rap wizard Emmanuel Kofi Botwe Abronpa aka Kwaw Kese,   took place at "PEACE AND LOVE ORPHANAGE" in Adenta a suburb of Accra last Thursday.

This was as part of Kwaw Kese's streets children campaign to raise funds and support children homes, give technical educational opportunities to children on the streets who may wish to have technical knowledge and get them off the street. Kwaw said he felt so humbled when he heard that our own Maame Dokono has an orphanage where she is caring for hundreds of homeless children all by herself.
Kwaw Kese and his management presented several items like biscuits, bags of mineral water, and cartons of Kalyppo fruit drink, loaves of bread, toilet rolls, bag of rice, rubber cups, rubber bowl, gallon of oil and mats to support Maame Dokono's noble course. She received the items officially with a number of the students and some of the teachers.

In her speech she expressed joy and she stated that she has really being moved by Kwaw Kese's kind gesture. “As young as he is to be able to spare part of the very little he has regardless of how much the items are wealth, if every musician donates to the orphanage like Kwaw has done, by now the school would bigger than it is”.

She commended Kwaw for taking up the task of helping needy children and trying in his own small way to move bright but needy children from the streets. Madam Omaboe said Kwaw Kese is indeed a "King of the streets"
She disclosed that the school started in 2003 all by herself in her own house she bought during Acheampong's regime and turned it into an orphanage. It became a commercial school for less privileged children in 2004.

Explaining this Odokono said the number of children kept increasing and her responsibilities as the proprietress of the school were becoming unbearable with time, so she opened the school to the public to be able to employ more professional teachers, give the students good food to keep the school running efficiently. In all the school now have 350 students out of which 100 stay in the school as boarding students.

The school begins from nursery level to JSS one (junior high first year). Some of the facilities in the school presently aside the class room blocks include male and female dormitories, a sick bay and kitchen.  The popular "Obra" actress had a few problems to share with the media present. Aside the fact that she started this all by herself, she still remains the only live wire of the school. It is donations like this that supports her in terms of food, water, clothes and other material needs.

Financially nobody is there to give her a helping hand to pay the teachers, non teaching staff, pay utility bills, maintenance of the school and other financial necessities, she can barely over look.  
She appreciates donations by the first lady Mrs. Theresa Kufour, philanthropist, churches, NGOs, other individuals and pleads to anyone who has a good heart to come to the aid of these innocent children.
In a chat with Kwaw Kese he said he sees Maame Dokono as Ghana's Oprah Winfrey and he will go all out in his power to support anything Auntie Grace does, for orphans and street children. "As far as my music career is concern the streets is where my focus is and this is just one out of several donations we have already made and obviously not going to be the last". Kwaw feels so blessed to be crowned "King of the Street" by such a respectable celebrity.

To him this is something most of his hip life colleagues will never be able to get easily. Finally he added his voice to that of Maame Dokono to call on all Ghanaians to support street children and give them hope. “Fa won sa bo wa dwene, Abodam"