Pope Skiny talks about Apor's burial

The young talented hiplifer, at the long run with much sorrow and sadness has been able to come out and tell the whole world that all is not lost after his producer’s death. He will soon be hitting the music scene with his second album “Carbu driver” which I think will be the hottest so far.

The “carbu driver” has 10 tracks with the title “carbu driver”, serving as a tribute song to the late Apor and Ghanaian girls. The “carbu driver” track talks about poor guys who put much effort into their love relationship with girls and later the girls shuns the poor guys for rich men and so applies to guys too.

“Hey! Dear reader, if you are planning on doing something of this nature, watch out! He stated that: “my late producer paid my studio bills for this album before he died and will never let it go down the drain because I want him to be happy wherever he is now and know that his sudden departure doesn’t mean shutting my dreams. My dad and producer, Prince Dave may your soul rest in perfect peace”.

Pope skinny started as an English rapper in a rap camp called “Rap City” in Cantonment when he was in primary school. He began to stand tall after performing at Kiddafest and Fun World where he teamed up with Abortion of 4x4 and King Palma and formed the “Kokrokoo Crew”.

During the interview, he added that he changed his style from English to Akwapim from his secondary level of education at Adonten Secondary School. Adonten is an Akwapim state and to show precedence of his mother tongue, Akwapim, he teamed with another Akwapim guy, Shankoma who was by then in Okwass.

Pope skinny together with Shankoma won the Fiesta 2002 and Mr. and Miss SSS rap show in 2003. While in school he featured on two songs on 4x4’s sikilitele album namely:” I go dey give you money” and “medofo pa” and after SSS he featured on four tracks on Buk Bak’s Gonja Barracks album namely: Bibini ba, Ahoofe jeene, Kuluulu and Odo, Castro’s Toffee album, Dr.Poh’s “na who cause am” and Okomfo Kwadae’s Obaano”.

After all featuring in all these albums he was then linked to Prince Dave Record. His late producer considering his zeal to make it in life made all efforts to push him to the top with his first album, “Mmre pa”.He titled this album “mmre pa” because the album came out the time he expected. “Mmre pa” featured artistes like Buk Bak, Castro and 4x4 with hitting tracks like “Obaa Sima”, “Ka wo mu” and “Don come”.

Pope Skiny’s top most gratitude goes to God Almighty the creator of heaven and earth for bringing him this far, second appreciation to his late producer, Apor may his soul rest in perfect peace and lastly to all fans for their support and love and should expect greater things. His album is all but set to hit our airwaves, just watch out!