Album Review: Unveiled by Irene and Jane

If you want to start a collection of contemporary Ghanaian music, Irene and Jane’s Unveiled should definitely be high on the list. This album has broken the usual trend of having the ladies sing only gospel songs.

Irene and Jane, winners of Stars of the Future have started out on a commendable path. Hip-hop, R&B etc. brewed right here in the motherland. Save for a few giveaway tracks like Baby featuring Wutah and ‘Odo Kai’, you might as well be listening to an average American duo.

The first track after the intro is ‘Heated Up’. It’s received a lot of airplay on radio and it’s video had reruns on TV for a while now.

‘Baby’ is another song, produced by Apietus and has Wutah featured on it. The second you hear the instrumentation you need no convincing that it is an Apietus production. It’s just the way it sounds.

It is hard to place the beat; it’s not exactly, reggaeton, neither is it hiplife, nor hip-hop. Nonetheless, it is as danceable as any and would make for a great club tune. It talks about nothing really, “Baby baby when I look in your eyes and when you hold me close, it feels so right, I like the way you move, I like the way you smile, can’t even stand…I like the way you step boy, the way you walk in the club, looking fresh boy…” to which Wutah replies “You’re always on my mind baby even though you’re feeling kind of lonely. Wind your body if you’re ready for this; shake your body if you’re ready for this.” It’s just one of those feel good songs.

Next on the track list is a Twi song, ‘Odo Kai’ written by Amanzeba. It talks about a broken hearted person asking a lover to remember the days when they were still love-bound. The melody is very soothing and just at the end of the song, they switch from singing in Twi to English.

Right after the slow melodic tune, they feature Blu3 on the next track, titled ‘Ding Dong’. According to sources, this song was recorded in Uganda, with the three ladies that comprise the Blu3 group. It starts with “Here comes the ladies, we’re gonna give it to ya. We’ll have to take you and show you how we always wanna do our own thang.” It’s almost a girl power kind of song. But not quite as much as the other song on the album titled ‘Girl Power’. How logical. ‘Girl Power’ has a pop beat and as usual the lyrics are “Don’t need no man, can do it on my own”. It goes on and on about how they are all they need to make it.

‘Don’t wanna be lonely’ features Amanzeba. It goes on pretty well until Amanzeba nearly changes the course of the track. He comes in with just one stanza and in twi. It is difficult to tell whether it is a rap verse or not. The 4minute 17second track employs the afro-pop beat. ‘Don’t give up’ a motivational number has both Twi and English lyrics. It will work well for an early morning.

They both do solos on the album; Jane also comes up with ‘Rivers’ a seemingly gospel track that revolves around the goodness of the Father and Irene goes with ‘Always’ the song she did for the My Song section in the finals.

In addition to all that, you have remixes of Heated Up and Baby that has Wutah reppin’ on it.

To sum it all up, ‘Unveiled it an album worth having.