Frimprince to Reward Musicians

Frimprince Music Productions, a Ghanaian/Italian private music production house which is into entertainment and events organization and promotion is planning a big awards night dubbed “Frimprince Music/Actors Awards-Italy” for hardworking artistes in the industry.

The programme is aimed at rewarding Ghanaian artistes who had made an impact in society through their music, acting and productions, both in Ghana and abroad.

The event, which is expected to take place in October in two major cities in Italy - Brescia and Napoli - would bring together about 15 personalities from the industry, who would be chosen by a special selection committee based on merit and their work.

The committee would then have their names published for the public to vote for them.

The official launching of the event is expected to take place in September in Italy, details of which would be released later.

The categories are:
1. The most entertaining actor of the year
2. The most entertaining actress of the year
3. The best actress of the year
4. The best actor
5. Record label of the year
6. Best worship song of year
7. Best gospel artiste of the year
8. The best accordion gospel artiste of the year
9. The best hiplife artiste of the year
10. The best highlife artiste of the year
11. The best hiplife group of the year
12. The best hiplife rap artiste of the year
13. The best gospel album of the year
14. The best hiplife album of the year
15. The best highlife album of the year