Kontihene releases 'esum'

The new Kontihene album is titled Esum, which means darkness. He’s been on the quite for a while after his ‘awia’ (sun) album.

Esum is a nine-track album programmed, mixed, mastered and directed by Dan Grahl, otherwise known as Tacobell. The album has songs like ‘kro hin kro’, ‘poppy’, ‘adaadaa’, ‘Beverly’, ‘Nana wo hene’, ‘wele wele’ and ‘gyina pintin’.

‘Kro hin kro’ is a love song that talks about his girlfriend whom he loves and has given all his heart. The song has a Ga and English touch in terms of language and sounds Hi-life musically. The lady is referred to as a queen in the song. Kontihene doesn’t seem to care what anybody thinks about his relationship with this lady. ‘Kro hin kro’ is an expression of love for a woman.

‘Poppy’ is quite a slow song on domestic violence. He recalls how his father beats his mother in the house for no reason. The chorus is catchy and Kontihene’s lyrics were woven appropriately.

It’s about the real issue of how husbands mistreating their wives as their kids look on. The song deals with fathers who would prefer to spend money on alcohol to paying school fees and taking care of their wives and children.

‘Adaada’ features Dela of TV3 Mentor III fame. It tells men to beware of beautiful women who may claim to love them for their own interests. Kontihene talks about relationships that break hearts and end up in disappointments. Watch out for more on this fresh album from Kontihene.