Ghana Music: Abaawa Mary goes gospel

There is a new kid on the block of the local music industry in Ghana. Abaawa Mary, known in private life as Elizabeth Agyeiwaa Ampadu and originally known as a local film actress has gone gospel.

She just returned from Norway where she has been seeking greener pastures for the last three years and would this coming Sunday launch her gospel album at the premises of TV3 Network Limited, near Kanda Accra.

Speaking to GO, Abaawa Mary said it took her close to four years to complete the album, which according to her is spirit-filled and would minister to both Christians and non-Christians.

The 10-track-album, according to Abaawa Mary, would minister hope to people who feel there is no hope, bring joy to the depressed, mend the hearts of the broken hearted and set the captives free.

Asked if her album was not just one of the numerous low quality gospel songs around, Abaawa Mary said what she would be launching on Sunday would be nothing below standard.

She explained that though her singing ability is a gift from God, she actually took pains to learn the art of music under the legendary High life King Nana Ampadu.

Abaawa Mary said Nana Ampadu, now an Evangelist, actually groomed her for the music profession.

Explaining why most current gospel musicians can not play to live bands, she said it was because the said musicians might have not taken time to learn how to play live.

She lamented that information technology had made it possible for anybody who loves singing to walk into a studio, put one or two sounds together and come out with something they call an album.

Abaawa Mary said on the other hand, gospel musicians should be able to perform with live bands as the Bible requests that people should worship God with all types of instruments.

She traced her singing career to the church and disclosed that at a very tender age she was in different singing bands at church.

Abaawa Mary said it was during one of such ministrations at church that she was discovered by Nana Ampadu, who actually started to polish the talent in her and even provided an opportunity for her to be the lead character in a Ghanaian film Abaawa Mary which shot her to fame.

Abaawa Mary said she had a lot of respect and admiration for various Gospel musicians in the country and it would be a difficult task to choose who she considers the best.

Her album is marketed by Elison Musical Production.