Kokovelli resurfaces with the trinity boys

The Trinity Boys consisting of Kokoveli, K.K. Fosu and Batman now Samini are back together again after their split up years back. Many were those who thought these guys could never get together again.

They were the talk of town when they got together as the Trinity Boys and a show was never complete without these guys passing through.

Their stage craft and neatly designed and their costumes were something extraordinary. After a while, all we heard of was a split and a sudden exchange of insults through their music; the three went to form new groups and went solo again. K.K. Fosu formed the D’Style Camp, Batman the Dankwansere and Kokoveli the Velli World records.

Kokoveli, the ‘Zaa-za’ man this time has managed to bring the group back again in his third album. Nathaniel Totimeh who has Kokoveli as his fame to claim is finally out again with his third album “Me mbre”.

His first appearance into the music scene was when he managed to come out with the album that had the sizzling track “Zaa-za” and this was under Agiecoat music productions.

He came back with another album “African woman” which he featured the Screw Face and then this track brought a heated debate and controversy between him and Amingo who alleged Kokoveli had stolen his music. He released that album under Lysarf music production.

To all those who claim he is not a musician they should just listen to his new piece and draw their conclusion he added. The album already released in the States and enjoying massive airplay is yet to be released in Ghana and its neighbouring countries.

The album featured K.K Kabobo, Obour and A.B Crentsil, Castro, Screw Face and the Trinity Boys (Samini and K.K Fosu).

Kokoveli the Mfanstipim old boy who has plans of going back to school is currently the C.E.O of Velli World records and manages his own affairs in terms of production and has some hiplife guys like Etuo Aboba under his record label.

His plans for his current album is to spread his distribution across Ghana and then tour the world with it just as he has started in the United States and Canada.

It is also his dream to help those in the music industry not only in hiplife but all sectors to reach the peak and Ghana music attaining greater heights on the international market.