Album Review: Lost and Found by Shasha Marley

Reggae musicians in Ghana find it very difficult to stand on their feet after their first appearance in the music scene. The patronage is not very promising as compared to those who sing hiplife, highlife, gospel and so on.

One of such reggae icons Ghana can boast of and has been in the industry for years is Shasha Marley. He has been able to stand firm and has attain international recognition as one of the best reggae stars.

One special international event people will never forget him was his performance at the last Organization of African Unity summit held in Tripoli in the year 2001. He was invited there by Libyan leader Maummar al-Gadhafi for all African Presidents.

The last time he came out with an album was in 2000 titled “Tell Freedom” which had the hit track “Seek ye good and not evil”. After this good piece Shasha Marley decided to go into charity production and his first project was “STOP AIDS LOVE LIFE” with 15 other musicians in Ghana for the campaign against the HIV/AIDS menace a project produced via the sponsorship of the John Hopkins University.

Shasha Marley again was using music to break the stigma as he goes from village to village touching orphans. Also under the sponsorship of UNICEF he did “SAY YES FOR CHILDREN”, a song that was used to fight for the right of children.

Along the line, he was invited to Hollywood by the Hall of fame legendary musician and a multi Grammy Award winner Isaac Hayes and together recorded “SAVE A MILLION LIFES” which was written by Princess Asie Ocansey of NACOTEC. His last charity song remains “SAY NO TO DRUGS” with Bob Carlos.

After seven years, the “Monk Is On The Loose”; as he is popularly described because of the way he presents himself on stage spotting his different colours of monk costume, has returned with another mind blowing album dubbed “Lost And Found” which consists of 14 tracks.

The album has hit tracks like “Boom Boom Waa Waa”, “Maata Family”, “So Nyame Mu”, “Evil Spirit Walk Away” And “Twin City Mafia” just to mention but a few. The album was produced with the help of first class reggae musicians like some members of the Wailers band; the ex-band of the late Bob Marley, Burning Speer and Culture’s band.

The music was recorded in Washington DC at the “LION and FOX” studios and engineered by one of the worlds top engineers called Jim Fox. The album yet to be launched in Ghana has already gained international recognition and is been aired and distributed all over the world.