Ghana Music Video Awards 2007 coming soon!

For the first time in the history of showbiz in Ghana, an award scheme aimed at rewarding music videos has been introduced to acknowledge the efforts of those excelling in the audio visual section of the industry.

The event is been organised by BRAINPOINT MEDIA with technical support from the Musicians Union of Ghana, (MUSIGA), the National Film and Television Institute, (NAFTI), the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, as well as a technical committee comprising key players in the media and music industry.

This being the maiden edition a criteria has been set for qualified individuals, production companies, media houses, video directors and anybody whose work evolves round music video production.

Video directors, musicians, production houses will be given the opportunity to submit their videos released between the periods of December 2005 to December 2006.This video should have at least enjoyed six month of release period. Submitted videos should have the following elements, good directing, good picture quality, good sound quality, good editing, lighting etc.

In all about 18 categories have been created to cover all sectors of the industry. They include; Best Video of the Year and Most Popular Video of the Year described as the top awards (To be judged by public poll), the technical awards includes Best Directing, Best Video Concept, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Choreography , Best CG Special Effects and Best Scenery (To be judged by experts).

There will be special awards for Best Live Concert Video and Best African Continental Video (To be judged by committee of judges) and finally the public awards for Best Gospel Video, Best Hilife Video, Best Hiplife Video, Best Reggae Video, Best Folk/Traditional Video, Best Discovery Video and Best Group Video (To be judged by public poll).

The event will be presented as a competition in which the entry that attracts the most votes in each category will be declared the winner. After the deadline for the receipt of all entries, a grand ceremony will be held to present awards to winners in the various categories.

The awards ceremony will be preceded by workshops and seminars for players in the music industry to share ideas on ways to develop the industry in general and music videos in particular. The entries that win the Top Awards will be aired on international networks such as MTV under special arrangements between BRAINPOINT MEDIA and MTV Base.

This linkup would help in many ways to market the works of Ghana musicians and also help plant Ghana on the international map.

In this respect, Brain Point Entertainment has initiated moves to launch this event to challenge and also encourage musicians and music video directors in Ghana to produce music videos that will among other things: Present and promote Ghanaian culture in a more positive light, offer the public decent entertainment devoid of nudity, offensive language and violent actions, express professionalism that will make Ghanaian music videos internationally acceptable, Inject innovations that will attract capital investment to the music industry, promote tourism through the use of scenes of the numerous tourist sites and other attractions in the country in the production of music videos.

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