Presenters guide gets to its climax

The show dubbed “Presenters Guide” is gradually reaching its’ climax with presenters left in the race amounting split of the top ten finalists.

This Onetouch sponsored program, that has host popular DJ’s and presenters including Adwuma Wura of Hot fm, Mufty Dabre-Peace fm, Ekow Poncho- Solid fm and the likes is now housing Delay of Top radio, Andy Dosty- Angel fm, Wofa K- Radio Gold, Turbo - B Otec fm and Blakk Rasta –Happy fm competing.

The big question now, is who wears the crown? The latter edition of the live show at TV3 Studio B was another exciting turn for the competitors to show what they have on that eviction free Thursday.

This time, Nana Aba Anamoah was not seen as the usual MC, neither Emmanuel McKay. It was new for those of us who never knew Beverly, the lady MC for the night.

DJ Willie from Top Radio was in action during interludes. The final five presenters appeared as a group on stage to introduce themselves to their fans. Accordingly, they were behind the console doing their own thing and introduced the phone lines for viewers to call in and send out shout outs as well as share some sentiments.

The first presenter was Turbo – B, who played some good local songs with his unique style of scratching and bringing out the skill in him, alongside communicating in Hausa language and accepted a couple of calls from viewers at home.

Delay, the only lady DJ who wins more fans for herself in the studios of Top Radio and TV3 was the next, and she exhibited her style of combining funny talks to soothe the choice of music she plays along the use of some jargons. She picked few calls also from fans.

Andy Dosty, the Ashanti’s’ finest, came next and began with the recorded prayer of the Lords prayer by a kid in two kinds, played some local music and gave out about five (5) Angel fm T-shirts to some of the live studio audience. His daddy was there to see his son perform and Andy as well accepted some calls.

Blakk Rasta, the ‘more fire’ young man followed up with his usual reggae tunes and preaching about the nation. His ‘phone - in’ time had a question mark attached to it! Which some people had shared views about over the weekend. There was a caller from Kumasi, who after telling how he admire Black Rasta, added how she feels like taking in “wee” at the glimpse of Blakk Rasta’s’ dread locks repeatedly to the dismay of viewers and the audience.

The ever DJ of fantasy, Wofa K appeared last on stage to shake people to laugh their head off. He played some local songs and also accepted some calls. They all came back on to the stage to call out for more votes on the Onetouch short code 1547, to make way for the next edition on Thursday.