Samini thrills Ghana Music Awards audience

Samini was a sight to see on stage in this yearís Ghana Music Awards event. He did set the National Theatre auditorium on fire with a magnificent performance.

His craft on stage and communication with the audience justified fully his winning the artist of the year award. Samini had almost every member of the audience on their feet.

The MOGO award winner picked up the Pop song of the year, Reggae song of the year and the Record of the year awards.

The stage was open for him at the tail end of King Ayisobaís performance when he featured on champion, keeping ants in the pants of those waiting for more Samini. After spending close to five minutes backstage, he made the second coming.

Samini had firm control on stage not only over the band backing him but the entire audience. Blazing with energy and vigour, he paused in between songs and ordered the band to give a low sound for the audience to hear his lyrics one after the other.

Free-style lyrics were falling from his lips like a gushing stream. He sang thanking everyone for their support while mentioning people present by name.

Saminiís career as a recording and performing artist has a future so bright that naked eyes could blind trying to see.

Surely, receiving four awards isnít a feat to toy with in an era of strong competition. Perhaps, itís good enough lesson for artists who would rather take stagecraft as the exception and not the rule.

Show business is definitely not a business for falling asleep at the switch.