Nana Kwame Ampadu gives prophecy.

Nana Kwame Ampadu one of Ghanaís poetic musicians has been in the news lately expressing his opinion on the direction Ghanaian music is taking in recent times.

According to the highlife living legend every musician is singing about love or direct profanity when there are several other very pressing issues and natural things in the society we can sing about.

A local daily soft sell captured what he thinks of the present trend of contemporary music in the country and what can be done about it.

In the story Nana made reference to the A-Plusí new song titled "A Letter to Parliament" that he thinks itís too insulting to politicians who were mentioned in the song. On Peace FMís "Entertainment Review" Nana Ampadu was called to explain why he thinks the political rapper is insulting the public officers. Live on air he emphasized that even though the young man raised very important social issues bordering on the society he thinks A-Plus did it in a rather ridiculous way making fun of everybody including the current president.

In the radio interview Nana Ampadu who is now a man of God disclosed a revelation he has gotten about Ghanaians especially those who say false things about people. According the prophet, God has revealed to him that so many Ghanaians are going to die with no particular reason or sickness.

Saying this with all seriousness he made it clear that this has already started in our various hospitals and health centers. He urged any individual who doubts his prophecy to cross check from hospitals and clinics. With his own worship centre called "House of David" Nana said he has already revealed this in a number of churches and he is still spreading the prophecy as far as he can.

When he was asked whether he is now a prophet and no more a musician, he said he only preaches the good news and as far as he is concern he has being doing this with songs since he started music.

Nana said musically he is still very strong and into music consultation and advice to anybody who wants to learn music and all the things it comes with. "I advice my fellow musicians to move away from preaching profanity if they really want to receive Godís favor. We should concentrate on other areas other than just love and sex. We should sing to encourage, inspire, change lives and not affect people negatively. We need be more spiritual". The music prophet advised.