I 'spit' social issues - Lord Kenya

He is in showbiz as Lord Kenya and officially known as Abraham Philip Akpor Kwadwo Kenya, partly from Nzema and Ashanti. This young hiplife artiste is among hiplife pioneers and has six albums from 1999 to date, with the latest, “Born Again”, after many wondered his coming back to the scene.

He went back the scenes for sometime and is now back after his five years sojourn.

Critical note of his choice of words tells how he is into commentating about social issues.
He started it all with “sika”, then “sika baa, yesom sika, sika mpo mfa ne ho” and a lot more. In an interview, Kenya explained the frequent use of “sika”- money, in his songs to the Weekly Fylla; he mentioned that he does not side with those who believe money rules the world.

“Money is not bigger than life and has no hands, legs and wings to call upon in times of need”. Many are those who do all sorts of things for money and he noted that all our finger nails are not on same length and size; he urged all to view the value of money depending on how it is spent. At a tender age, he sang about over speeding on our roads in “driver susu ko” and says he is still using the least opportune time to preach against social cankers wherever possible.

His unique style of winning stage craft and the vigor with which he presents his rap is one thing hiplife fans keep complimenting. Being a literature student, Kenya is also into acting and has stared in some local movies in the country.

During his breakthrough, he realized certain attitudinal changes in humans and says the turn around is to stay for quite sometime now and he urge all his fans to watch out for great things every year as he disclosed that he would even release before this x’mas for its celebrations.

This big time rapper in the Ashanti Region has described his latest album as the most successful among the rest in regards to being able to prove people wrong and having great faith in God. He has performed a hundred and twenty shows with this particular album across the country.

He urges his co-musicians to come together in unity and fight against problems in the industry. This he said would help them forge ahead and enjoy good fruits of their produce.