TV3 Mentor : Paa Evicted!
Posted on: 16-Jul-2007
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  why paa
why was paa evicted instead of erico who was making a lot of noise with his shouting. I sure hope the finals would be fair since the mentor should be paul and not faya who is a foreigner. Paul has all the qualities it takes to be a mentor and not anybody else.
Posted By bernice atopley
  paa evicted
i felt like dying that moment cos i was not on my own when i heard e news.paa uar really talented so prove 2 ur people.GOOD LUCK
Posted By deniece owusu ansah
  paa evicted
i felt sad n sorry 4 paa's eviction although he was not really my mentor but when we talk of the first three i really liked he was part.i wasnt exppecting him 2 be evicted that day but it happened.talking of the voting i tried my best 2 keep him in e house.paa am assuring u not lose hope cos uar already a star n u have more to give out.stay blessed.
Posted By gloria asare akoto
  why paa
why paa? when we still have faya in the house, paa, erico, lisa and paul are the finalist not faya!!!!!
Posted By nana akua
  sad to hear that paa is evicted
I was sad to hear that paa was evicted from the mentor house,becos he've good voice to sing and to be the winner
Posted By mark
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