Kwaku Gyasi: I still can't believe it
Posted on: 11-Jun-2007
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Source: Showbiz
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  be matured
Body, I want to know if there was no music awadrs, would you have sang at all? I think you rather be talking about how best your gosple songs would resonate with people and how it would move people to God rather than a mere award.Don't you think there are other songs out there which are as good as yours but were not mentioned at all ,let alone winning an award? Think about it and stop talking.
Posted By seth appau
wow this man is arrogant..i mean if the award was given to another..maybe it was not god's willing..he should be ashamed of himself for saying that about his fellow contestants...his song is hot but not as hot as noble nketia's or christina he should be grateful that he at least got something.. noble should have won again..that man has wat it takes
Posted By nia
  Give us a break Kweku
I know your song was quite popular Mr. Gyasi but you dare not campare it to The King's "I want to see you my father"; that is what we call music, not a string of lines that everyone can easily learn to sing to, which is indeed all your song is. Be grateful for what you have and learn to be happy for your brother THE KING AYISOBA!!! Kai! Kai! Kai! Kai!
Posted By Frixn
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