Bollie talks about his music career
Posted on: 9-May-2007
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Source: Weekly Fylla
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With Nigeria's population quadruple that of Ghana, who can blame Ghanaian hiplife stars trying to make it big in the Naija market? Hiplife stars like V.I.P, Tictac, Nana King, and now Bollie have all focused their attention on the Naija market. Don't forget too soon what happened to the Ghana movie industry. Ghanaian movies were far ahead in movie production till they started teaming up with Nigerian movie artists. At the end, they swallowed the whole ghana movie industry because they had more money and better equipments. I just hope the same scenario doesn't engulf our hiplife industry. I just think our hiplife stars are prematurely dreaming about making it international too quick. They need time to shine long enough in Ghana before embarking on foreign recognition. I'm not suggesting in anyway for our artists to limit themselves to just Ghanaian audience because good music is good music period.
Posted By DjRasNii
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